Clean Easy Toilet Aid

Clean Easy Toilet Aid

Clean Easy Toilet Aid

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The Clean Easy Toileting Aid is an affordable cleaning device to help those in need of maintaining independence and helping with cleaning after using the toilet.

A long handle provides extra length while wiping. Spring loaded end ejects the toilet paper or wipes from the head without needing to use your hands.


- Latex-free

- 15.75″ long toilet aid grips toilet paper, pre-moistened tissues, and wet wipes for easier wiping and cleaning.

What's Included

1 clean easy toilet aid

Helpful Product Information

Should not submerge in water.
Use disposable wipes to clean this product after each use. Warm soapy water can be used.
Not recommended to use with multiple individuals.
Recommended for external use only.
Do not use this device if there is any damage to the item at the end where paper is inserted.