Chikool KN95 Face Mask

$2.00 $1.75
Chikool KN95 Face Mask
Chikool KN95 Face Mask

Chikool KN95 Face Mask

$2.00 $1.75
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Non-medical purpose KN95 face mask with adjustable nose clip for reliable protection.

Folding mask with ear-loops with a soft inner layer.

1 KN95 mask/pkg


This respiratory protective equipment is used for protection against various types of particles, including dust, smoke, mist and microorganisms. 

What's Included

1 KN95 face mask

Helpful Product Information

Instructions for use:
1. Pull the ear loops, make sure the nose clip is up and outward.
2. Put your chin into the mask and pass the ear loops behind both of your ears.
3. Adjust the mask to a comfortable position and insure the entire mask is flush against the skin (there should be no gaps between your skin and the borders of the mask.
4. Use your fingers to pinch the nose clip around your nose to provide a better seal.

Executive Standard: GB2626-2006

EXP Date: April 2023