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Getting Rid Of The Intense Heel Pain!

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Getting Rid Of The Intense Heel Pain!

The human body is made out of 206 bones. And your feet comprise of 26 bones along with 33 joints and 100 tendons! Imagine how complicated is the anatomy of the foot alone! 

Out of all the 26 bones that your foot has, the heel bone is the largest. Overusing the heel bone or injuring it adversely affects your movement. It limits your motion and in the worst cases, can lead to disability. However, the motion limitation doesn’t occur in every heel pain case. You can always treat the pain and get rid of heel pain.

It obviously gets problematic and often inconvenient to get an appointment for everything. So it's best to know easy home remedies to avoid the hustle of visiting an orthopedic. So, let’s look at some ways to treat heel pain right at home.

Self-Treatment For Heel Pain


Finding the time out of your busy routine to book an appointment with the doctor and visiting them is hectic, and in that case, you can try these simple home remedies to get rid of the heel pain.

  •  Cold Compress


Cold therapy is going to be your favorite at-home treatment option to relieve inflamed tissues. Why we say it's going to be your favorite treatment option is because it doesn’t only alleviate heel pain but also provides a soothing effect on your whole body. The method is fairly easy, apply a cold-cloth wrapped around an ice-pack directly on your heels. Leave the wrap on your heel for about 10 minutes, then unwrap it. Carry out this activity on an hourly basis, at least thrice a week and observe the healing magic yourself. 

If you don't have the ice-pack, you can simply roll your foot over cold or frozen water for the same period and get rid of the heel pain.

  • Stretches

Stretches can really help alleviate heel pain. To do them correctly, just sit down with one leg crossed over another. Reach out for your foot, grab the toes, and pull them towards your chest for 30 seconds. Repeat this activity for 5 minutes. Then, change your position with the legs crossed the other way round and stretch the other foot.

Another way is to stretch your calves while standing in front of the wall, but at an arm's length away. Placing your hands on the wall, bending your knees move your hips forward to feel the calves stretched. 

Hold this position for some time and then straighten your legs. Repeat the exercise for 2-3 times to get rid of heel pain. 

Regularly stretching three times a day can take you a long way on a pain-free life.

  • Use Custom-Made Orthotics

Well-fitted orthotics are a lifesaver for you. Orthotics are artificial devices and braces designed specifically to provide support to the muscles and the skeletal system. They take the pressure off your heel and prevent the foot from rolling in and out. You can get your custom-made orthotic by visiting a doctor or by simply ordering them online. Orthotics and foot pads distribute weight evenly and provide the much-needed balance to your heel as well.

  • Epsom Salt Bath

Do you know your body has a magnesium reservoir? The magnesium reservoir is your bones! Magnesium draws calcium from the blood into bones, helping the development of structure and function of bones. Depriving bones of the magnesium means inviting them to the world of ache. Your heel bone pain is probably because of magnesium deficiency, and if this is the case, Epsom salt bath is the best therapy. Epsom salt is nothing but magnesium sulfate. Dissolve Epsom salt in water, dip your foot in the water for half an hour. Magnesium sulfate will be absorbed through the skin, providing the bones the necessary magnesium sulfate to function properly.  Besides this, magnesium plays a significant role in the reduction of inflammation as well. Isn’t this the easiest way to get rid of heel pain?

9 out of 10 people observed heel pain improvements in about 2 months with these self-care therapies! We hope you’ll find these therapies useful too.

If you aren't noticing any improvement in your heel pain despite all these therapies, your case might be a bit serious. And it’s recommended visiting a doctor to get proper consultation. 

It’s possible that either your heel pain is because of plantar-fasciitis (inflammation of sole tissues), a heel spur (bony outgrowth in the foot), or Achilles tendonitis (an inflammation caused by a microorganism). These are as complex medically as they sound. Based on your X-ray results, your doctor will be able to rule out the reason for persistent yet cringe-worthy heel pain.

Heel pain can be avoided. Even if you do not experience any currently, it’s very possible to experience it at any time! So, it’s best to take precautions and to ensure that you do not cause damage to your feet. Here are some tips to keep that pain at bay.

How To Stay Away From Heel Pain?


  • Wear well-fitted shoes
  • Discard worn-out ones
  • Maintain a healthy weight 
  • Indulge in a healthy diet
  • Stretch your toes before exercise
  • Brace yourself before intense physical activity or sports.
  • Rest your foot, toes, and heel when they are tired

As good as treating heel pain at home is, we always recommend visiting a doctor to identify the root cause of the pain. It is essential to treat the root of the problem for a prolonged effect. Your physician can definitely recommend a better home-therapy based on your condition. Make sure to get checked up if your heel pain is persistent and causing trouble walking small distances.  

Get rid of heel pain, stay at ease, feel relieved!



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