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Good Riddance: Putting An End To All Your Back Pain Worries!

Posted by Angel Rondon on

Good Riddance: Putting An End To All Your Back Pain Worries!

We spend countless hours, each day, slumped over office seats, study tables working on our next big project or on the couch scrolling through social media. There have been several debates for this to be mentally exhausting, however, hardly have there been conversations on it being physically exhausting too. 

The truth is the work we do sitting in office seats, our desks etc. costs much more to your body. Sitting in a static position puts pressure on your shoulders, arms, and legs. This, in turn, adds a lot of strain on your lower back muscles and spinal disc.

Statistics show that four out of five adult Canadians face back pain at some point in their lives, making this the most common chronic problem of Canada. 

Before we get into the reasons for back pain, it is essential to know how your back works.

How Does The Spine Work?



Your spine consists of 3 curvatures allowing your back to bend and move flexibly without  pain. Twenty-four bones called vertebrae running from top to bottom, make up the spine or vertebral column. 

The vertebrae have discs in between them that serve as a cushion and a shock absorber. The bundle of nerves, called spinal cord runs through the centre of the spine.  Spinal cord acts as a communication bridge between your brain and the rest of the body. Spinal cord transfers messages from brain to different parts of the body. Spinal cord is also involved in coordination of reflexes that bring the movement. 

So basically the back or more specifically, the spine is integral for the body to relay information and to move and sit etc. However, as we age, our spine becomes stiffer.  This stiffness makes it harder for us to move and also makes it harder for the nerves to relay information which causes a slower reaction time and generally slower reflexes. 

There are multiple other reasons which may cause back pain and inflammation. 


Top 5 Reasons Of Back Pain


Back pain can be both: acute and chronic. Acute back pain is more common than chronic back pain. It usually occurs suddenly and lasts for about six weeks. However, chronic back pain lasts longer, it is much more severe and in extreme cases, leads to disability. 

Since back pain can occur due to a number of reasons, it is essential to understand the root cause to treat it properly. 

  • Ruptured Discs:

The disc between the vertebrae plays an immensely important role. The disc between the vertebrae acts as a shock absorber, holds the vertebrae in position and allows slight motion in the spine. Any damage to the disc leads to the collision of vertebrae that ultimately results in a fractured backbone. As you begin aging, the discs due to overuse might start wearing out. In such a case, they might flatten a bit or bulge out. In severe cases, they might even rupture due to an accident, or heavy lifting, causing extreme back pain.

  • Irregular Skeletal (Scoliosis)

Scoliosis is a medical term used to describe the spine when it curves to one side of the body, taking an S-shaped or C-shaped assembly. The irregular skeletal is a congenital disability that shows its symptoms when puberty hits. The downside of scoliosis is that it changes the body structure as well. It causes one shoulder blade to be higher than the other, or uneven hips, both of which lead to back pain ultimately.   

  • Muscular Strains:

An irregular jump, an awkward sleeping position, or sitting posture can put your spine muscles under strain that often leads to severe back pain. Muscles get strained when they are overused, fatigued or improperly used. Muscle strain often causes a burning sensation when lifting weights. Muscular strain usually extends to the upper back and down to the buttocks. The most common natural remedy for back pain and inflammation due to muscular strain includes giving your muscles rest to give them time to recuperate and accumulate enough energy for daily tasks. 

  • Poor Posture

Poor posture is the most common reason to invite back pain. Sitting hunched over puts a strain on your muscles, compresses your nerves, making way for a throbbing back that becomes your worst nightmare ultimately. 

Tip: Always sit in a position where your shoulders are in line with your hips, and you have a slight inward curve.

  • Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the regression of the bones. Osteoporosis reduces both:  density and quality of the bones. As a result, bones become porous and fragile. Fragile bones are an undeniable reason for the onset of back pain. How? The soft bones are at risk of compression when used excessively. The compression of bones cause irritation of the spinal nerves, causing intense back pain. Osteoporosis associated back pain gets worse when you are standing or sitting. You only gain a sigh of relief when laying.

  • Sciatica


Another common reason for back pain in the elderly is sciatica. In almost 90 percent of the cases, sciatica develops due to a protruding spinal disc. The spinal disc forms outpouching that presses against the sciatic nerve causing severe back pain. Sciatica causes a sudden gust of pain from the lower back to the hip region, often radiating down to the thighs & legs as well. Treating sciatica on your own might become complicated and maybe even dangerous. So, it's best to follow the workout and medication routine that your doctor prescribed to help treat sciatica. 

It's best to seek medical advice for back pain to know the exact cause and also to ensure full recovery for yourself. However, at times it gets difficult to get to a hospital, especially if you know that the back pain and inflammation is not because of a serious reason. In such a case, natural remedies for back pain and inflammation can really do the trick. And then there are certain long term habits which not only provide relief from the pain, but also prevent any oncoming back pain too. 

Yoga and exercise top the list of such prevention and also natural remedies for back pain and inflammation. Meditation and exercise release endorphins that alleviate stress and anxiety. Stress causes a change in your breathing pattern that puts unnecessary strain on your mid-back. Keeping stress at bay is one of the recommended ways to beat back pain. 

Another natural remedy for back pain and inflammation is adequate sleep. Again, insomnia stresses out your muscles. Restorative sleep is a must to heal tissues and recharge muscle’s energy levels. Likewise, being watchful of your diet will also keep back pain. A balanced diet that provides required calcium levels will strengthen bone mass provided extra strength to the bones. Lastly, losing excess weight is another extremely effective remedy for back pain. 

Liberty Athletic and Medical Supplies

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